We’re not having a traditional ceremony – in fact, it’s just a few of us in a casual setting. Will you still marry us?

Of course! I’ve been involved in quite a few smaller wedding ceremonies and they have been wonderful! Regardless of the size of your event, I’d love to work with you. In fact, I eloped for my wedding! 


How much do you charge? What is the cost of getting married and what is included?

Send me an email and let’s discuss your ceremony! I will coordinate all of the legal processes involved in getting married in Australia, including provision of all necessary paperwork. I will also guide you on creating your dream ceremony – I have suggestions and ideas on every aspect of your day and I’m happy to be as involved as you would like.


We’ve decide you’re the Celebrant for us – but we’re not getting married in the Great Southern – will you travel for us?

Absolutely! Depending on when and where your wedding is, I am able to travel, get in touch and we can see if we can make a plan.  All travel will incur a travel cost and any extra expenses such as accommodation.


How long will the ceremony take?

Every ceremony is different, and this will depend much upon your decisions for inclusions. On average, my ceremonies tend to take 20-25 minutes, including signing of the legal documents. Not so short that you blink and you'll miss it, long enough for the reality of the exciting moment to settle in! Not so long that you and your guests will grow sick of the sound of my voice, but long enough to tell your story and create some special memories for you! 


We've never been married before, we have no idea where to begin with planning our ceremony.

Not knowing where to begin is the norm, seriously, why would you! That is why I have prepared a booklet, a rather large booklet, filled to the brim with ideas suggestions and examples. Between this, a questionnaire asking for the ins and outs of you as a couple, and through our chats, together we will establish how your ceremony ought to look! Trust me to guide you towards a ceremony that you will treasure. 


.... My frequently asked questions is indefinitely under construction. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, I love a chat!